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About Something Good LA

Something Good LA is giving LA the best brunch, any time of day. It's a food truck that totally gets that weekend afternoon gathering of friends, so much so that they made an entire business around it.

And we couldn't be any more grateful. At Something Good La, they're preparing every meal using only the freshest quality ingredients, ensuring flavorful bites from first to last. Bringing a big appetite? Then you'll have to indulge in Something Good LA's big ol' breakfast burrito, chock full of house potatoes, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese with the option to add chorizo, pork belly and soyrizo to the mix. Trust us, you're gonna want that meaty add on. Of course, if you're all about waffles, you should really try out their fluffy ones, topped with fresh seasonal berries, whipped cream and syrup. If lunch is more your thing, may we suggest Something Good LA's ginormous grilled cheese burger, or angus beef sliders outfitted with Tillamook cheddar on Hawaiian rolls, not to mention their flank steak flautas...honestly there are no wrong choices here. Find Something Good LA to get your eat on, or have 'em bring it all to your next event. Trust us. This is one food truck you don't want to miss.



BREAKFAST BURRITO 2 Eggs Scrambled, Cheddar Cheese, Choice of House Potatoes or Tater Tots\nSide of Red Salsa\n*Add a protein: Pork Belly (Bacon), Chorizo or Soyrizo $1\n
MORA WAFFLE Fresh Seasonal Berries, Whipped Cream, Powdered Sugar, Syrup
TAMALE WAFFLE Corn Maza, Monterey Jack & Pepper Jack Cheese, Roasted Anaheim Chiles, Fried Egg
VEGGIE OMELETTE Mushrooms, Spinach, Onions, Avocado, Cheddar Cheese \n*Add a protein: Pork Belly (Bacon), Chorizo or Soyrizo $1\nMushrooms, Spinach, Onions, Avocado, Cheddar Cheese \n*Add a protein: Pork Belly (Bacon), Chorizo or Soyrizo $1\n
TATER TOTSSide of Ketchup
CHEESY TOTSTillamook Cheddar, Side of Ketchup\n*Add a Fried Egg $1\n
PORKBELLY CHEESY TOTSCrispy Pork Belly, Tillamook Cheddar\n*Add a Fried Egg $1\n
PORK BELLY SANDO Crispy Pork Belly (Bacon), Pepper Jack Cheese, Slaw, Fried Egg Brioche Bun
“GRILLED CHEESE” BURGER Angus Beef Patty, Tillamook Cheddar, Thousand Island,\nGrilled Onions, Pickles, Slaw, Texas Toast\n
ANGUS BEEF SLIDERS 3 Angus Beef Patties, Tillamook Cheddar, Thousand Island,\nGrilled Onions, Pickles, Hawaiian Rolls\n
FLANK STEAK FLAUTAS\tShredded Beef, Yellow Corn Tortillas, Queso Fresco,\nAvocado Tomatillo Salsa, Mexican Cream, Cabbage\n
Bottled Cold Brew Coffee Single origin Cold Brew. Grown and roasted in Mexico. Cold Brewed for 24 hours in fresh spring water and filtered 3 times for a clean flavor.

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