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Street Churros

Street Churros

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About Street Churros

Foodies of LA are catching onto a Korean street treat craze, all thanks to Street Churros!

This enchanting truck is run by a team of 5 star chefs who are serving up a selection of churro creations with a sensationally tasty twist. Their crispy, crunchy specialties include classic Cinnamon Churros, of course, along with Churro Dogs: sizzling, savory hot dogs nestled within sweet and crispy churros...they are simply scrumpalicious!

You can also enjoy a delightful churro loop with a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor, or in a rich and creamy shake too. Everything on the menu is hand-crafted and made to order, ensuring blissful texture and freshness in every bite!

Come check out Street Churros soon and you too will be charmed by all this amazing food!



Churro Dips

Street Churros + DipChocolate flavor dip
Stick Churros + DipChocolate flavor dip
Ice Cream ChurrosFlavor: Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream
5 Churro Sticks in CupCinnamon
Original Churro
Ice Cream Churro

LemonadeFlavor: Blue, Peach, Raspberry
Beverages Coffee & Water

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Street Churros.