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Taco Vato

Taco Vato

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About Taco Vato

Taco Vato is Mexican food on the move, a food truck that's giving Los Angeles all the Mexican food they could ever want. No, really. We'd call it a taco truck, but that description would be entirely inaccurate. Because at Taco Vato, the tacos are only the beginning of their full bodied menu built to satisfy.

At Taco Vato, they're committed to using only the highest quality ingredients including the freshest veggies and prime cuts of meat to make each and every meal the most delicious it can be. From tacos and burritos, stuffed and smothered in salsa to tortas, quesadillas and enchiladas, you'll find all your favorites here. That, and then some. Find Taco Vato in the morning, and you'll be treated to their desayuno menu including huevos rancheros and the irresistible chilaquiles. Oh, and they've also got sopes and caldos, and some sweet treats of the flan and arroz con leche variety. See what we mean? A taco truck that's so much more, so don't delay. Head on out to the streets of LA today to get a taste of what's on board. Or go all out and invite 'em to cater your next event. We won't judge. This is truly irresistible Mexican food, after all.


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Public Schedule

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