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TastyBlock Shave Ice Truck

TastyBlock Shave Ice Truck

Ice Cream|Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice|Vegetarian
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About TastyBlock Shave Ice Truck

TastyBlock Shave Ice Truck is bringing the coolest treat on four wheels to the streets of Los Angeles, a place that could definitely use a break from the heat. This food truck specializes in that icy cool treat, done in traditional Hawaiian style, bringing that laid back vibe and sweetness in every cup.

It all starts with a huge block of ice, which in and of itself isn't very tasty, that is until you shave it off and add in the good stuff: the syrup. Choose from over 30 mouthwatering flavors, including fruity favorites like blue raspberry, tiger's blood and peach, or treat yourself to a creamy snow cap on top of their coffee flavor for a new way to enjoy this refreshment. But that's not all. TastyBlock Shave Ice Truck also boasts their old fashioned vanilla dipped bars, pineapple Dole whip, acai bowls and premium ice cream on the menu. That, and original recipe shaved ice creations that combine gourmet ingredients atop that perfectly fluffy ice stuff for your enjoyment. So don't delay. Find TastyBlock Shave Ice Truck cruising the streets of LA, or invite 'em to make your next event a cool one in more ways than one. Trust us. These frozen sweets can't be beat.


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