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The Beach Bar Italian Ice

The Beach Bar Italian Ice

Frozen Treats|Italian Ice
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About The Beach Bar Italian Ice

The Beach Bar Italian Ice stands out among other Italian ices. How so? The folks here stick to an original recipe that dates back to 1911, so these treats have been wowing residents of Los Angeles, CA for over a century. That staying power alone should tell you something about the quality of the sweets served out of this trailer. Over the last 3 years The Beach Bar Italian Ice has won every accolade for their product, presentation, and professionalism, and it’s really no wonder why these delicious frozen treats are perfect for every kind of party.

The team here makes their Italian ice using a base of purified water and only a smidgen of sugar, letting the saccharine flavor of real fruit do the rest. This doesn't just make the Italian ice here tastier. It makes it healthier as it's low-calorie and free of dairy, fat, cholesterol, gluten, and artificial flavors. Mango is their signature creation, and guess what? It's 100% sugar free. And it's not just the Italian ice that make Beach Bar so appealing. With their fun beach décor, tropical tunes, and friendly service, The Beach Bar brings the beach party wherever it goes. Adults and children alike are huge fans of the bubble blowing dolphin too. So, what are you waiting for? Book The Beach bar Italian Ice for your next event. It’ll make your get-together all the sweeter.


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