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The Frankenstand

The Frankenstand

Hot Dogs|Vegan|Vegetarian
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About The Frankenstand

The Frankenstand is giving Los Angeles frighteningly good vegan hot dogs. We know what you're thinking, it's hard to believe that vegan hot dogs can be even better than their beefy counterparts. But The Frankenstand stands up to the competition, proving that these plant based dogs go toe to toe and outshine the rest.

At The Frankenstand, there are a few monster dogs to choose from. First off, this hot dog cart's got all original recipes to tantalize your tastebuds, with franks that are frankly delicious by design. Choose the Creature for that classic hot dog flavor, or bewitch your hunger with the Witch, a bratwurst infused with microbrew full sail ale. Or have yourself a sausage party on the streets with their signature Franken: a handcrafted sausage stuffed with sundried tomatoes and basil. Sounds pretty good right? Good. Find The Frankenstand in LA, or invite 'em out to cater your next backyard shindig. Trust us. As far as vegan hot dogs go, it doesn't get better than this.



The Jekyll & HydeA killer combination of sweet and savory with this smoked apple and sage sausage. This perfect concoction of flavors will transform your senses and you won’t know whether to smile or scream!
The CreatureA classic flavored frank that’s off the scales! It’ll grab a hold of your taste buds and be your new ‘gill’ty pleasure.
The WitchIncrease your hex life with this spellbinding Brat made with microbrewed full sail ale. What more could you witch for?
The FrankenA frighteningly delicious Italian sausage with a monster mash-up of sun dried tomatoes and basil. Alone bad....Franken good!

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