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The Shrimp Stop

The Shrimp Stop

Seafood|Fish and Chips
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About The Shrimp Stop

LA is about to get a whole new caliber of seafood, and it's coming fast. Or maybe a bit slower than fast, depending on traffic. It's on wheels you see, as all the best calibers are. And we'll give you one guess as to what it does best. Classic, Southern-style fried shrimp baskets are obviously the thing here, and they're done better than anywhere else in Los Angeles, stripped to the basics and done better than you ever remember. They're brand new to the scene, but the next time you get a hankering for shrimp, make sure to track them down. It's a caliber that California's needed to hit for a while, and now it's a caliber you can hit whenever you like.



Fishermans NetFish & Shrimp combo \n+ Choice of one side
BBQ Shrimp BasketBBQ flavored shrimp + Choice of 1 side
Fish & ChipsFried or Grilled Fish\n+ Choice of 1 side
Fish tacoCorn Tortilla\nGrilled or Fried Fish\nCabbage\nTomatoes\nOnions\nCilantro\nShreaded Cheese\nDrizzle of Ranch
Shrimp TacoSoft Corn Tortilla \nGrilled Shrimp \nCabbage\nOnions\nTomatoes\nCilantro\nShredded Cheese\nDrizzle of ranch\n
Pineapple Shrimp TacoCorn Tortilla\nPineapple \nSweet Grilled Shrimp \nCinnamon\nGreen Onions\nSesame Seeds\n
Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp Ceviche
Crunchy Shrimp TacoCrunchy (Fried) Tortilla\nGrilled Shrimp\nCabbage\nOnions\nTomatoes\nCilantro\nShredded Cheese\nDrizzle of Ranch
Regular (Breaded) Shrimp BasketBreaded Shrimp + Choice of 1 Side
Buffalo Shrimp BasketShrimp in Buffalo sauce + Choice of 1 side
House Special Shrimp BasketShrimp in Sweet Savory House Special Sauce + Choice of 1 Side
Tamarindo Shrimp BasketShrimp Basket in Tamarindo Sauce + Choice of 1 Side
Garlic Parmesan Shrimp BasketShrimp in Garlic Sauce coated with Parmesan Cheese + Choice of 1 Side

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