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Trap Kitchen L.A.

Trap Kitchen L.A.

American|Burritos|Fries|Rice Bowls|Seafood
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About Trap Kitchen L.A.

Trap Kitchen L.A. is a unique kind of food truck, serving up L.A. with a different kind of meal every day. Every. Single. Day. Which is the best news for foodies in Los Angeles, because these talented cooks are bringing the big time flavor and all original recipes from their home to the streets, with cuisine that can only be described as gastropub delights.

At Trap Kitchen L.A., they're keeping things fresh. Fresh on the menu, and fresh in every offering, as they're committed to using only the freshest quality ingredients in every single dish. Take, for example, their sweet and savory jerk chicken and shrimp pineapple bowl. A whole sweet pineapple is halved and gutted, filled with steaming hot rice and topped with chicken and shrimp swimming in their spicy jerk seasoning and glaze, finished with diced green onions. Craving something sweet? Trap Kitchen L.A.'s got a butter rum cake, made fresh with batter infused with Bacardi. They've also got a menu full of soul, serving up that Jamaican classic: tenderized oxtail platters alongside collard greens, creamy mac and homemade cornbread. The best part? Trap Kitchen L.A.'s available to cater any manner of event you have in mind, with a plate of your choosing. So don't delay. Book 'em to get the most flavorful of food, or find 'em cruising the streets of L.A. Trust us. This is one foodie experience you don't want to miss.



Tacos Steak, chicken, shrimp, salmon, turkey, ground beef, potatoes (for vegans)
Burritos/ quesadillas Steak, chicken, shrimp, salmon, turkey, ground beef, potatoes (for vegans)
Fried Rice Your choice of meat

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