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Lookin' for thick shakes on wheels? Sweet. We've got just the truck for you. Introducing The ThickShake Factory's Sweet Wheels, a sweet little food truck that's got the thickest tastiest shakes on board, blending together fantastic flavors for your enjoyment. 

And you're only getting it in Los Angeles and beyond. If you happen to be here, lucky you. The ThickShake Factor's Sweet Wheels is shaking it up in the food truck scene, offering up all original flavors of the sweetest shakes around. From Mexican vanilla and caramel koffee blends to mojito mint slushes and pineapple passionfruit, there's a myriad of shakes to be had. So have one already, and find The ThickShake Factory's Sweet Wheels  or hire 'em to cater your next event. Trust us. They aim to please, and hit the market every time.  MUST TRY

Shape Your Shake- shake it up by customizing your shake with choice of flavors, mixins and toppings to treat your sweet tooth your way


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