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Bowls by KO

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About Bowls by KO

Bowls by KO is a food business that began as a meal prep and delivery service for individuals and family in the Denver area in 2019 and is expanding into a full service catering company and restaurant concept, starting with a food truck. My goal in starting the business was to make healthy food accessible to my community. I don't think there should have to be a choice between healthy and delicious food. I create globally-inspired menus of 'bowl food' to nourish and satisfy. When I moved to Denver I noticed that while there is no shortage of amazing events and activities in the area, many of the most frequented places and events lacked availability of whole food. Bowls by KO is determined to change that. Bringing healthy, delicious food directly to consumers in their home and their most frequented social locations. My business model is simple: Great food, in a bowl, cooked by me, delivered to you.


3. Choose 2 market sides

Roasted sweet potatoes
Honey mustard slaw
Grilled seasonal veggies
Grain-free tabbouleh
Corn salad
Marinated english cucumbers
1. Choose your base

Seasoned brown rice
Cilantro-lime white rice
Cauliflower rice
2. Choose your protein

Crispy marinated chicken thighs
Crispy seasoned chickpeas
Grilled steak tips
Boiled shrimp
4. Choose your sauce

Green goddess sauce
Cashew butter sauce
Tzatziki sauce
Lemon tahini sauce
Signature bowls

Green goddess chicken & rice bowlCrispy marinated chicken thighs\nSeasoned brown rice (sub cauliflower rice for grain-free)\nGrilled seasonal veggies\nGreen goddess sauce\n
Medditeranean steak bowl Marinated grilled steak tips\nQuinoa (sub cauliflower rice or greens for grain-free)\nGrain-free tabbouleh\nPickled onions\nFeta cheese (remove for dairy-free)\nTzatziki sauce\n
Deconstructed shrimp spring roll bowlShrimp\nScallions\nCilantro\nCarrots\nCucumbers\nAvocado\nSeasoned brown rice (sub cauliflower rice for grain-free)\nCashew butter sauce\n
Weekly rotating special

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Bowls by KO.