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Burger Radio

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About Burger Radio

If you're a foodie and you turn your radio to just the right frequency in Denver, chances are you're picking up Burger Radio's signal. That's because they have long been broadcasting the best burgers in the galaxy, so much so that they unwittingly summoned burger burgling robots and aliens from the future. But not to fear, as their delicious, high frequency handmade burgers and fries are keeping them at bay, quelling the fighting. For the time being, anyway.

This food truck's burgers are out of this world delicious, hence the robots and aliens. Just what makes them so irresistible? Well, they're committed to using only the freshest quality ingredients, including all beef patties and ones combining ground chuck and ground bacon. If that's not enough to get your mouthwatering, well, they're loading 'em up with a bevy of flavorful ingredients from green chiles and aged white cheddar to grilled onions and giant thick cut potato chips. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. It really is that good. Oh, and they've also got portabella mushroom caps, veggie black bean burgers, and their signature poutine made with hand cut fries and smothered in homemade gravy and cheese curds. See what we mean? Beat the aliens and the robots to the punch by finding Burger Radio on the streets of Boulder and beyond, or invite 'em to cater your next event. Trust us. It's well worth the battle.


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