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About Cocotaso Food Truck

Cocotasco Food Truck is Denver's go to when it comes to fun and fresh Mexican eats on the streets. Here, you're getting savory and sweet snacks on the go, sure to tantalize your tastebuds and give you that midday boost.

Because let's face it, work days can get long, and sometimes all you need is a little pick me up. Thankfully, Cocotasco Food Truck has a bunch of sweet and savory snacks to keep you going when you need it most. Got a case of the munchies? Sink your teeth into Cocotasco's ham and avocado po'boy featuring hand pickled jalapenos and spicy aioli to spice things up a bit. They've even got their own version of the famed tostilocos called Dorilocos: corn chips loaded with Mexican slaw, pico de gallo, peanuts, chamoy and salsa. Lookin' for a little somethin' sweet? Sip your way to satisfaction with their fresh made aguas frescas of the horchata, jamaica and seasonal fruit variety. Not to mention their handcrafted paletas, the perfect sweet finish to your savory meal. Really, there are no wrong choices here. So why wait? Find Cocotasco Food Truck in Denver, or have 'em out to cater your next event. They won't disappoint.



NAAACHOSCorn chips topped with queso, pico de gallo, hand-pickled jalapeños, cotija cheese, and your choice of protein. (Vegetarian available).
BOWLA bed of organic brown rice topped with fresh vegetables, hand-pickled \njalapeños, spicy aioli and your choice of protein. (Vegan available).
PO'BRE SANDWICHA French baguette stuffed with fresh vegetables, hand-pickled jalapeños, spicy aioli, and your choice of protein. (Vegan available).

DORILOCOSDorito chips heaped high with fresh jicama, cucumber, carrots, cabbage, pico de gallo, peanuts, tangy chamoy and a mild salsa. (Vegan available).
SNACK NAAACHOSCorn chips topped with queso, pico de Gallo, hand pickled jalapeños, and cotija cheese. (Gluten-free and Vegetarian).\n

PALETASA variety of popsicles, milk or water based, with distinctly Mexican ingredients like chili peppers and tangy chamoy.
AGUAS FRESCASA refreshing beverage made with seasonal ingredients such as dried hibiscus flowers, cantaloupe, coconut, or rice + cinnamon.

BURRITOBreakfast burrito with potato, eggs, cheese, with or without bacon.
BREAKFAST CROISSANTBreakfast croissant with eggs and cheese, with or without bacon.

Public Schedule

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