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Colorado Shaved Ice

Colorado Shaved Ice

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About Colorado Shaved Ice

Colorado Shaved Ice is putting the sweetest snow in a cup for your enjoyment. No, not actual snow, but pretty close in texture, as they've got the finest shaved ice in a cup with the sweetest of syrups to tantalize your tastebuds. So, keep your eyes out for this truck if you're looking for a refreshing sweet treat.

That is, if you happen to be in Denver, CO. If you are, lucky you. Colorado Shaved Ice is coming to you from a couple of friends passionate about that famed New Orleans snoball. So passionate, in fact, that they turned their love into a full fledged business, and never looked back. Colorado Shaved Ice is successful for a number of reasons, but mostly their commitment to quality. Which is why they're using pure cane sugar syrups drizzled over that snow to add to the sweetness. Pretty sweet, right? We thought so. Find Colorado Shaved Ice in Denver, or have 'em out to cater. You won't be disappointed.





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