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Traditional GyrosTraditional Lamb and beef Gyros \nserved on pita with onion, tomato,feta, Tzatziki sauce and fries
Pork GyrosHomemade! marinated pork\nserved with onion, tomato,feta, tzatziki sauce and rfies. \n(GF)
Gyros King Greek Combo PlateChicken and pork souvlaki, gyros, Spanakopita, homemade hummus and Tzatziki
Souvlaki Choice of chicken or pork served on pita with tomato, onions, Tzatziki and fries
Vegiterian PlateSpanakopita, hummus, Falalfel, veggies and pita
Greek Salad A delicious mix of greens with feta cheese.
Falafel Sandwich Falafel balls\nServed on Pita with \n onion, tomato,feta, tzatziki sauce andF fries (VEG)
Hummus PlateHummus plate served pita, tomato,cucumber,carrots,black olives,pepperoncini and pita

Soft Drinks and Water
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.