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Hangry Ohana

Hangry Ohana

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About Hangry Ohana

If you're looking for some true to the south authentic BBQ, you've come to the wrong place. Or the right place, if you're willing to stretch your definition of authentic just a little bit. Hangry Ohana sticks to the tried and true form of low and slow smoked meats, but with a twist that's sure to transport your tastebuds to island bliss. We're talking the Hawaiian islands, and while the food truck's sticking to Texas tradition, your tastebuds are being treated to the tropics in every savory bite. In Denver, no less. That's a lot of travel.

But don't worry, you won't have to travel far to get a taste of this inspired cuisine. They're serving up a simple menu that's built to satisfy. Choose between their tender chicken, smoked sausage and fried chicken katsu, or don't and get all three in a combo plate. Hangry Ohana encourages hungry eaters to eat up, so that they, too, do not become hangry. It's pretty impossible considering the sheer amount of good eats on the menu. So gather around the family dinner table, or the food truck in this case, and fill your stomach with meats that are char-grilled to perfection and just ready to sink your teeth into. Ohana means family, but to Hangry Ohana, that includes you, too.


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