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A food truck could be defined in a myriad of ways. A roaming restaurant. A fast food establishment. A hot box. Think about it. There's hot food, and the majority of the truck's business happens in the back, in a box like compartment. So the name Hot Box Food Company makes total sense, inasmuch as this food truck is providing the hottest burritos around to the good folks in Denver, heating up the streets in more ways than one.

These burritos are sourced exclusively from Denver's own Santiago's, a Mexican food restaurant that celebrates authenticity and reinventions of the burrito that are as mouthwatering as they are filling. Pre packaged and ready to eat, you're getting those gourmet burritos fast and on the go, a revolutionary way to serve if we say so ourselves. Get their exclusive breakfast burrito chock full of meat including ham, chorizo, german sausage and more, or sink your teeth into their lunch burritos. But that's not all. Hot Box Food Company is also toting around Santiago's award winning green chile, a Colorado staple too good to resist. So why wait? Instead, find Hot Box Food Company cruising the streets of Henderson and beyond, or invite 'em to cater your next event with the hottest food. It's in the namesake, after all.


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