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Hot Brat and a Touch of Philly

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Potstickers chicken and vegetable, garlic and ginger; usually served 6 to an order with dumpling dipping sauce
Asada Bomba Fries GFUSDA or Angus prime steak cooked with asada style sauce, then it's built... Large order of crinkle cut french fries, then the steak hot off the grill, then delicious warm nacho cheese on the top. Please go spicy and add sliced jalapenos and hot sauce.
American Mini spring-rollsFresh veggies, garlic and ginger, crispy and thin, delicious. served 5 to an order with vietnamese sweet sour sauce

Philly CheesesteakUSDA or Angus Prime Cuts of beef sliced thin, seasoned, cooked perfectly on the grill with a small amount of peppers,onions and mushrooms topped with provolone cheese and served on a 6in fresh-baked hoagie bun
Veggie Philly (V)Mushrooms, squash, zucchini. bell pepper. onion grilled up with a bunch of provolone atop a 6' hoagie roll.
Pulled pork sandwhich GFPulled pork having been cooked three times makes it decadent. On a delicious and fresh bun or delicious and fresh gluten free bun
X-L all beef FrankfurterCooked to order, served with any number of 13 toppings
Veggie PhillyMushrooms, squash, zucchini. bell pepper. onion grilled up with a bunch of provolone atop a 6' hoagie roll.
DeluxCheeseburg GFThe softest bun or the softest gluten free bun, the freshest ground beef with your choice of cheese and 13 toppings.\n
1/5 lb Kosher all beef frank1/5 lb Hebrew National Kosher all beef frank atop a sausage/hotdog roll served with any number of 13 toppings
Smoke BratwurstSmoked brat with great flavor, the absolute most delicious mid-farm bratwurst to be found
Vegan Brat VThe most delicious, completely non meat bratwurst seasoned with Italian spices
Beer bratthe most delicious all pork brat and casing boiled in a complex dark beer the served on the fresh bun

French fries1/4 inch crinkle cut
Tater totsSimply the best tasting tater tots
Home made cole slawMayo based home made slaw with a tiny kick
Boston Barbeque Baked BeansDistinct beans and mild smokey-delicious broth seasoned and simmered until the are ready

*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.