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About Just Kool

Just Kool is bringing a bold splash of Jamaican flavor to the streets of Aurora, CO and the greater Denver area. Sporting a menu popping with tropical flavor, this trailer’s a must for avid eaters across the Mile High City.

Of course, you’ll find a bounty of meat smothered in robust jerk seasonings, from jerk pork to jerk chicken. However, that’s far from the only mouth-watering entree gracing the menu. If you prefer, you can also sink your teeth into a plate of curry chicken or some rich, beefy oxtail. Pair it with a side of Jamaican rice and peas and enjoy. Sound like the perfect meal? Then we’ve got exciting news. Just Kool caters, so don’t hesitate to book ‘em for your next event.



Jamaican beef patties

Jerk ChickenChicken marinated in jerk seasoning and smoked to perfection
Jerk Pork Pork marinated in jerk seasoning and simmered to a stew
Beef Oxtail StewBeef oxtails marinated in fresh herbs and simmered to a stew

Roasted Corn

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