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Arroz Con PolloShredded chicken breast mixed with rice and mixed veggies and served with sweet plantains and our Cilantro mint sauce
Lomito SandwichPulled pork with gouda cheese, cilantro mint sauce, red pepper jam and cabbage in a torta bread, served with pickel
Patacones con PolloShredded chicken breast served over green plantains with a mango cilantro sauce
empanadasdelicious Colombian styled empanadas filled with: Chicken, Beef, BBQ pork, Chicken Jalapeno, Beef Chipotle, veggie or cheese

Yuca Fritafresh yucca fries
PlatanitosSweet plantains
PataconesGreen Plantains

Tropical juicesDelicious Cannoa pulp brought in from Colombia and mixed with ice and water. choose from our flavors: Mango, Maracuya(passion fruit) Lulo, Guava and more
Colombian SodasColombians or Manzana
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.