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Lily's Cocina

Lily's Cocina

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About Lily's Cocina

Lily's Cocina is serving up true south of the border flavor way up north and a mile high. We're talking the mile high city of Denver, CO, where the cold streets could definitely use a little heat in the form of some authentic Mexican eats.

Whereas most taco trucks resort to filling a menu with only meaty options, Lily's Cocina is completely accommodating to every dietary type. Pescatarians will delight in Lily's mahi lunch burritos and white fish grilled tacos, while vegetarians are treated to potato and veggie options. And Mexican cuisine isn't just relegated to lunch or dinner at Lily's Cocina. She's got a plethora of breakfast burritos, featuring eggs, sausage, potatoes, carnitas, chorizo...the list goes on. Top 'em all off with Lily's homemade salsas for a meal that's sure to spice up your day and leave your tastebuds dancing la salsa. So brave the cold and find Lily's Cocina, filling and warming up stomachs even in the bitter cold. In Denver, it's a welcome temperature change.



Street TacosSteak, Carnitas, Chicken, Chorizo, Potato
Grilled Tacos Corn tortilla GRILLED to a crisp, filled with your choice of Steak, Carnitas, Chicken, Chorizo, Potato
Chili Cheese FriesSteak, Carnitas, or Chicken on top of smothered fries with cheese
BurritosBreakfast selections: Egg, Potato, cheese, and your choice of:\nSausage, Bacon, Steak, Carnitas, Chorizo\n\nLunch Selections: Bean, cheese, and your choice of:\nSteak, Carnitas, Chicken, Ground beef, Mexican Hamburger\n\nVegetarian Selection:\nFish, rice, cheese, chili
Pulled Pork BBQ SandwichWe make our own specialty BBQ sauce (Sweet & Spicy) and combine it with pulled pork to place on a gourmet bun.
Crispy Chili Relleno Plate 2 Crispy Chili Rellenos (deep fried egg roll wraps with Anaheim chili strips and cheese), smothered in green chili (Vegetarian green chili), beans & rice

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Lily's Cocina.