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Little Brazil

Little Brazil

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About Little Brazil

Little Brazil has been doing more than just a little good for the foodie community in Denver. For quite some time, they've been importing authentic Brazilian cuisine dish by dish, bringing south of the border traditions to the mile high city. Now, they're taking the concept even further, putting some heat on the streets by means of a food truck.

At Little Brazil, you're being treated to all the staples of Brazilian cuisine, done just right. That's because they're keeping to traditional preparation methods, culled from authentic recipes passed down over generations of talented cooks. What's more, everything's made fresh on the daily, to order, and seasoned to perfection with imported spices. Take, for example, the national dish feijoada. Little Brazil combines a hearty portion of black beans, tender pork, and robustly flavored beef into a stew served over a piping hot bed of rice for a taste you won't soon forget. That, and their famous pao de queijo, made completely from scratch and gluten free that can only be described as a small bite of heaven. Their words, not ours, but we're apt to believe 'em. Track down Little Brazil to tackle your hunger and treat your tastebuds with all the exotic flavor they can muster. Trust us. This food is a must have.


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