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Michigan Colorado Chefs

Michigan Colorado Chefs

Hot Dogs|Chicken and Waffles|Comfort Food|Sandwiches

About Michigan Colorado Chefs

The Michigan Colorado Chefs (MC Chefs) moved from Flint to Denver and are now flinging out flavors that are so authentic to the soulful cuisine of Michigan, you could even say they’re “Flintspired”.

You’ll find these talented MC Chefs on the streets, serving up fantastic favorites like fresh hot Fried Chicken and Belgian Waffles, Detroit-Style Polish Sausages, PO’Boy Sandwiches, and so much more.

Coloradans, if you’re lookin’ for some comforting cuisine, there’s no doubt that you’ll adore what these MC Chefs are cookin’.



Chicken and waffles6 seasoned and fried wings with a sweet Belgian Waffle. Served with syrup and hot sauce on side
4 Steak street tacos $10Shredded steak,onion, bell pepper, cheese ,cilantro, jalapeño and salsa on the side
CatfishSeasoned fresh fished cooked fish served with remoulade sauce
Detroit Original ConeyMichigan Vienna beef hotdog served with beef chili, cheese, onions and mustard
Detroit Style Polish SausageKoegel Vienna beef Polish sausage on a hotdog bun
Chicken WingsChicken wings coated in a homemade batter and fried tossed in your choice of sauce
Chicago Style HotdogKoegel Vienna beef, mustard, sweet relish, sport peppers, kosher pickle, tomato, and onion on a hot dog bun
Po' Boy SandwichChoice of meat topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, ranch, and remoulade sauce on a hoagie bun
Philly CheesesteakShredded steak, onions and provolone cheese on a hoagie

Order of ChickenChicken coated with a homemade batter and fried until golden brown
Detroit Coney dogKoegel Vienna Beef hotdog w, beef chili cheese onions mustard
EggsScrambled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper with the option to be topped with cheese
French FriesFresh cut potatoes mixed with homemade seasoning and fried
Macaroni and CheeseSmall cup of freshly prepared, creamy macaroni and cheese

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