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Msosi Kenyan Cuisine

Msosi Kenyan Cuisine


About Msosi Kenyan Cuisine

Dive into the authentic flavors of Kenya with Msosi Kenyan Cuisine. Owned and operated by the Matini family, who immigrated to Aurora, CO from Nairobi, Kenya in late 2007, Msosi Kenyan Cuisine will treat you and your guests to carefully spiced samosas, slow-cooked tomato-based stews, flavorful pilau rice, and more. Each dish is prepared with fresh produce and Kenyan spices for a healthy, home-cooked meal you and your guests will love. Check out Msosi Kenyan Cuisine in Aurora, or better yet, book them for your next event in the greater Denver area today!



Samosas (beef, chicken or vegetable) plain or spictriangle pockets which have wheat, ground beef or ground chicken or vegetables (carrots,potatoes, sweet peas), contains green onions, ginger sea salt cannola oil

Pilau Rice with beef stew or chicken stew or vegetcontains rice, masala, ginger ,garlic onions, tomatoes, cannola oil
Chapatitortilla griddled in oil, contains wheat, sea salt

Steamed Cabbage with shred carrotsCabbage, carrots, cannola oil, sea salt

Mandazi (african donut)contains wheat, baking powder, butter, cannola oil, sugar

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