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Meat PiesOur Meat pies are served with Fresh cut fries. They are good anytime of the day. You can have them with a cup of coffee or tea for your breakfast.
Sadza Ne Nyama YemombeA staple dish in zimbabwe, sadza is made from cornmeal and is eaten with an accompanying dish, in this case, a hearty beef stew and organic kale
Beef Stew and RiceThe chef's hearty, savory beef stew with potatoes and steamed rice
HamburgerHamburgers served with Fresh cut fries
Chicken Curry mealOur Chicken Curry Meal served over white rice, cabbage and plantains
Jerk Chicken MealOur Jamaican Jerk chicken is served with some white rice, Black beans and some plantains

DrinksWater, Coke and Sprit
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.