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Ohana Grille

Ohana Grille

Hawaiian|Asian Fusion|Korean

About Ohana Grille

With a distinct menu offering, Ohana Grille emulates the local street food of Hawaii by blending the cuisine of the many Asian cultures that live there with American and European flavors. Many of the dishes start with Asian inspired staples like noodles and fried rice. Add in popular Colorado flare, like street tacos, and fantastic Hispanic flavor, and you get the best of several cultural cuisines in a delicious medley of flavor. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Ohana Grille is spreading the warm Aloha spirit, one bite at a time.



Hawaiian Macaroni SaladTraditional HAwaiian Mac Salad with Elbow macaroni, mayo, cilantro, carrots, peas and hard boiled egg
Island SlawCitrus dressed slaw with cabbage, green onion, jalapeno, onion, passion fruit, pineapple and lemon juice

Public Schedule

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