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Petite Maison Cafe

Petite Maison Cafe

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About Petite Maison Cafe

Shannon spent 15 years working as a physician’s assistant before deciding to change careers. Inspired by her experience at French cafes, which typically have outdoor areas, she wanted to take advantage of Denver, CO’s beautiful scenery to replicate the experience of enjoying coffee alongside nature. So, Petite Maison Cafe was born. This trailer serves as a drive-thru and walk-up coffee house positioned in clear view of the breathtaking Colorado Mountains.

Shannon was always a coffee aficionado, so she was more than dedicated to creating quality brews for her customers. A cuppa joe here goes down smooth and is packed with robust flavor. If plain coffee is too strong for you, try any number of classic coffee house drinks from lattes to cappuccinos. Pair your jitter juice with a fresh muffin or scone and enjoy it all while basking in nature. Sound like heaven? Then we have good news. Petite Maison Cafe caters, so book ‘em for your next event to bring all this to a gorgeous setting of your own.


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