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The Voodoo Child RollPacific ahi tuna, kasai chili marinade, sliced cucumber, fresh guacamole, and julienne jalapeño, topped with Dojo mayo, fresh young onion, sambal-teriyaki and roasted wild sesame.
The Lincoln Osiris RollCajun-fried crawdaddies, BBQ-Sriracha, cream cheese, applewood bacon, and bell pepper medley, topped with onion crunches, fresh young onions, wild harvest sesame seeds and unagi eel sauce.
The Coney Island RollHand-breaded shrimp, sautéed asparagus, applewood bacon, Dojo mayo, and cream cheese, topped with fried onion crunches, unagi eel sauce, wild harvest sesame seeds and fresh young onions.
The Godzilla RollBBQ broiled eel, Dojo mayo, Cajun-fried leeks, sautéed asparagus, topped with unagi eel sauce, and toasted black sesame seeds.
The Sandy Colfax RollSmoked Atlantic salmon, julienne Granny Smith apple, cream cheese, and chopped almonds, topped with citrus-honey glaze, and whole-grain granola clusters.
The Big Sister RollFried Chicken, carrots, asparagus, dojo mayo, topped with teriyaki, and wild sesame seeds.
The Samurai Jack RollChef's recommendation of fresh vegetables, cream cheese, and Dojo mayo, topped with Honey-Mustard BBQ-Sriracha, onion crunches, Unagi eel sauce, and fresh young onion.
Pokémon BowlPacific Ahi tuna, Kasai marinade, fresh guacamole, seaweed salad, Teriyaki served over sticky rice and topped with mixed sesame seeds, onion crunches, and fresh young onion.
NOLA BowlCajun-fried crawdaddies tossed in our Honey-Mustard BBQ-Sriracha, served over sticky rice and topped with sesame seeds, onion crunches, and fresh young onions.
Bubba BowlHand-breaded shrimp tossed in Dojo mayo, served over sticky rice and topped with white sesame seeds, onion crunches, and fresh young onion.
The Fried Chicken BowlFried Chicken, served over sticky rice and topped with Dojo mayo, unagi sauce, young onions and wild sesame seeds.
For Full Catering Menu go to Rollitupsushitruck.cowe have a wide selection of rolls, bowls and platters including sashimi, nigiri, maki and sushi tacos!
the baysideFried Scallops, seaweed salad, cucumber, bacon, dojo mayo, topped with onion crunches, young onions and teriyaki sauce.

Crispy Gyoza DumplingsBlend of chicken and vegetables, fried, and topped with teriyaki, green onions and white sesame seeds.

San Pellegrino
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