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Saba's Ethiopian Food

Saba's Ethiopian Food

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About Saba's Ethiopian Food

For a little taste of Ethiopia in Denver, CO, stop on by Saba’s Ethiopian Food. This family owned and operated food truck dishes up both traditional Ethiopian food and modern twists on the classics. For those who love sampling new and innovative cuisine, this is the perfect pit stop.

The folks at Saba’s use fresh, quality ingredients to ensure all that savory flavor pops. What’s on the menu? You’ll find an introductory course to Ethiopian food here. There are classic items made according to custom, like the spicy red lentil dish mesir wat. Or the incomparable mild lamb and potato stew featuring tender cubes of lamb simmered in onions and turmeric. With both meat dishes and a plethora of vegetarian options, avid carnivores and those who adhere to a plant-based diet can enjoy the eats with equal fervor. Speaking of dietary restrictions, everything is served with injera. This spongy, sour Ethiopian bread is 100% gluten free. Getting hungry? Book with Saba’s for your next event. Guests are sure to love it.


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