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About Schnitzelwirt

Schnitzelwirt co-founders Mario and Erika were both born and raised in Austria before immigrating to Denver, CO. Mario learned to cook at a young age from his grandmother and Erika dabbled in the food industry for years before becoming a nurse in the United States. When they struck up a friendship after a chance meeting, they found they had a lot in common, especially in terms of their passion for food. When they decided to go into business together, a food truck was the obvious choice. Now, they wheel around the Mile High City introducing patrons to traditional Austrian fare.

The pair sport an impressive dedication to quality. They’ll even temporarily remove an item from the menu if they can’t get the highest quality ingredients required to make it. Rest assured, however, if your chosen item is temporarily out of stock pretty much everything here is worth sampling. Try anything from an old-fashioned wienerschnitzel coated in savory breading to a warm, creamy bowl of gulasch. Don’t forget a side of slow-braised red cabbage or dumplings. You definitely won’t leave hungry here, so stop by Schnitzelwirt the next time you’re feeling ravenous. Or, better idea? Have ‘em out to cater your next event.



WienerschnitzelBreaded and deep fried pork cutlet, served with pan fried potatoes
JägerschnitzelBreaded and deep fried pork cutlet, topped with a mushroom sauce, served with SauerKraut or Red Cabbage and pan fried potatoe
Hungarian GulaschGulasch is kind of in between a soup and a stew. Unlike some stews, Gulasch is not overly packed full of vegetables. But through the cooking process, the broth becomes thicker and more like a rich sauce. Served with Traditional Spätzle, a sort of cross between an egg noodle and dumpling.
Bratwurt1 bratwurst, served with red cabbage or sauerkraut and pan fried potatoes.
DeprezinerA Depreziner is a beef sausage in a pork casing. Fine ground uniform texture named after the Hungarian city of Debrecen. The sausages are heavily spiced with paprika and other seasonings like garlic, pepper and marjoram. A little on the spicy side, but full of flavor, not very hot. Served with potatoes and your choice of cabbage.

Palatschinken2 crepes filled with apricot marmalade and toped with powdered sugar.
ApfelstrudelApples, raisins, cinnamon and sugar and butter filling wrapped in a roll of dough

AlmdudlerTraditional Austrian soda, made form herbs and flowers grown in the Alps.

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