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Seb's Wood-Fired Pizzas

Seb's Wood-Fired Pizzas

Organic|Pizza|Gluten Free Friendly|Vegetarian
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About Seb's Wood-Fired Pizzas

Seb's Wood-Fired Pizzas is bringing delicious food straight to you! A mobile oven that's ready and waiting to come to your next event, Seb's Wood-Fired Pizzas is the perfect way to feed you and your guests, Organic food made fresh for you is on the way today at this great trailer!

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Mini toasts (canapés)Nice variety of mini toasts.

Roasted fish/meatsAny woodfired roasted fish or meats.

Salad in cheese bowlAny salad served in a bowl made out of cheese.

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Seb's Wood-Fired Pizzas.