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About Sizzle Food Truck

Sizzle Food Truck is delivering Denver a sizzlin' good time stop by stop. This food truck is taking the best of American, Asian and Latin cuisines, fusing 'em together in street food forms to tantalize your tastebuds. Tacos and bowls. Because really, everything is good wrapped up in hand pressed tortillas, or all bowled up in a bowl full of goodness. And that's just what you're getting at Sizzle Food Truck.

It's all coming to you from the esteemed Chef Coby Weinstein, a veteran in the food industry of 20 years who specializes in well seasoned food for all seasons. But these aren't your typical tacos or bowls, either. They're elevated to gourmet status by Chef Coby's original recipes and inclusion of unique ingredients to treat even the finest of palates. From his El Zorro taco outfitted with his specialty tamarind brisket and asian slaw to his signature Mr. Sizzle bowl with lime brisket and secret ingredient sizzle aioli, your inner carnivore will find complete and total satisfaction. But there's also a lot to love in his chipotle chicken and vegetarian bowl filled with locally sourced produce that only adds to that fresh flavor. So why wait? Find Sizzle Food Truck roaming in Denver today, or invite 'em to cater your next event. Either way, it's a foodie experience you don't want to miss.



The Champ A breakfast taco made for champions! Ranch seasoned scrambled eggs, crispy tater tots. A mouth watering blend of cheese and finished with a savory bacon ranchero and salsa verde. Hits the spot every time!
Mr. CubanoThis cubano taco is no joke! A soft shell tortilla seared with cotija cheese, filled with smoked pork, ham, mustard aioli, and topped with gouda so good, pickle relish, and a caper berry. Famously delicious!

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