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Skadi's Colorado

Skadi's Colorado

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About Skadi's Colorado

Skadi's Colorado is giving you ski lodge inspired cuisine in Denver. It's really the perfect place for it, considering this is a food truck that cruises the mile high streets with meals that have quality quantified at a mile high.

At Skadi's Colorado, it's all about seasonality. Which is why their menu features locally sourced seasonal ingredients, picking the freshest ingredients to be used in their truly inspired cuisine, influenced by popular comfort foods. From their alpine tacos topped with the likes of duck confit, tomatillo grilled chicken or braised pork shoulder to sliders, sandwiches and heart warming soups, there's sure to be a palate pleasing experience to all who visit. Oh, and they've also got gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian/vegan options to make sure everyone's getting fed. They're just accommodating like that. Find Skadi's Colorado in Denver, or have 'em out to cater your next event. Either way, they aim to please and hit the mark every time.



Alpine Tacos (GF)All of our tacos are served on 6" corn tortillas.\n\n
KNUCKLE-DRAGGER WRAP\nChicken salad with cranberries, pecans, blue cheese, bacon jam, and arugula. CONTAINS NUTS
SINGLETRACK Sandwich (DF)\nBacon, arugula, avocado, garlic sauce, tomatoes, brioche roll

Hominysauteed in coconut oil with fresh squeezed lime and crushed red pepper\n

Public Schedule

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