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Smokin' Bones BBQ

Smokin' Bones BBQ

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About Smokin' Bones BBQ

Smokin' Bones BBQ is heatin' up the streets in Denver, CO, servin' up 'q with quality a mile high for the mile high city. It's a food truck, after all, and one that takes pride in makin' the best food around.

At Smokin' Bones BBQ, they're sticking to tried and true BBQ tradition, smokin' all meats low and slow to tender, juicy perfection. Get smoked brisket, pulled pork and hot links on a sammie or piled high on a platter with homemade sides; Smokin' Bones BBQ's got coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans to fill 'er up. But that's not all. They've also got what they're calling very fattening dessert, which is anything but a bad thing. So why wait? Find Smokin' Bones BBQ in Denver, or have 'em out to cater your next event. Either way, this is one foodie experience you don't want to miss.



Beef Brisket Sandwich Slow Smoked Beef Brisket \nw/Side
Pulled Pork Sandwich Slow Smoked Pork\nw/Side
Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich Grilled Chicken w/ Side
Pork RibsPork Spare Ribs w/ Side
Hot Links Sandwich Grilled Hot Sausage w/ Side
Pork Rib TipsBite sized Rib Pieces w/ Side

Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Green Beans

Pound Cake
Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Bread Pudding

Public Schedule

Sunday, June 23
Monday, June 24
Tuesday, June 25
Wednesday, June 26
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM Hand to Mouth-Willow Creek HOA
8500 E Mineral Dr, Centennial, CO 80112,
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM Willow Creek
8500 E Mineral DrCentennial, CO,
Thursday, June 27
12:00 PM to 9:00 PM New Terrain Brewing
16401 Table Mountain Brewing
Friday, June 28
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM Hand to Mouth - Windsor Aurora
4260 S Cimarron Way, Aurora, CO 80014,
Saturday, June 29
Sunday, June 30