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Text Bookdouble patty, cheddar, and bacon
Kenny's Klassictriple patty, triple American cheese, Klassic sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion
The Upper Classmandouble patty, bacon, cheddar, bbq sauce, mayo, and grilled onions
The Librarianour vegetarian option: grilled portabella mushrooms, grilled tomato, grilled onions, swiss cheese, and garlic crema.
The Principal's Officedouble patty, pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, and guacamole
Pick Three Slider Combocan't decide what you want, you don't have to. Choose three different options of our signature burgers in a smaller portion, yummmm!
The DropoutTriple patty, swiss cheese, mac n chz bites, bacon, bbq sauce, and ranch

Recesspotato cubes with cheddar, pico de gallo, guacamole, and garlic crema
Mac n chz bitesFried Mac n chz goodness
Fried jalapeños Cream cheese stuffed fried jalapeños
French FriesFrench Fries
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.