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The Cravings Truck

The Cravings Truck

Sandwiches|World Fare|Vegetarian
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About The Cravings Truck

With a love for comfort food flavors from around the world, John & Sara are taking The Cravings Truck through town to sling out gourmet sandwiches that range from globally-inspired to good ole homestyle!

Their eclectic selection includes The Streets of Jerusalem with densely flavorful falafel and creamy hummus, Korea Meet Banh Mi with tender Bulgogi-marinated pork and tangy pickled carrot & daikon radish, The Gobbler with juicy smoked turkey, bacon, and zesty tomato relish, along with a delicious rotating selection of specialty burgers, and that's not even all.

Come grab a bite at The Cravings Truck and satisfy your hankerings for adventure!



Adobada Fries• Fries dusted with Crave Dust • Adobada Marinated Pork (red chile and pineapple) • Queso Fresco • Crema • Crave Sauce • Cilantro

Streets of Jerusalem•\tFalafel\n•\tIsraeli Salad\n•\tHummus\n•\tTahini\n•\tIsraeli Pickles\n
South in Yo’ Mouth•\tCajun fried Catfish\n•\tLettuce\n•\tTomato\n•\tCrave sauce\n
The Gobbler• BGE Smoked Turkey • Bacon • Tomato Chutney • Mayo
Korea Meet Banh Mi• Bulgogi Marinated Pork • Pickled Carrot & Daikon Radish • Cucumber • Cilantro • Jalapeno • Mayo
O.G. Taco's• Adobada Marinated Pork (red chile and pineapple) • Queso Fresco • Crema • Cilantro • Roasted Jalapeno Salsa
Rotating Burger Menu• 303 Slopper • 808 Burger (Hawaii) • 512 Burger (Texas) • 512 Burger (New Mexico)
Streets of Lebanon• Chicken Shawarma • Israeli Salad • Tahini • Mango Amba

Fresh-Cut Fries Dusted with Crave Dust
Tater Tots Dusted with Crave Dust

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for The Cravings Truck.