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The Dumpling Deli

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The Something DumplingA Ruben dumpling filled with seasoned Corned Beef, Something Breweries beer braised Sauerkraut and shredded Swiss cheese topped with my 9-Spice Russian Dressing.\n
The Denver CheesesteakA cheesesteak dumpling filled with seasoned, seared and roasted Beef Chuck-Tenderloin, fire roasted Green Chili's, sautéed Garlic & Onion and shredded Swiss cheese topped with an Roasted Garlic Aioli.\n
Bite of the RoosterA shredded Chicken dumpling filled with South Western season braised shredded Chicken, sautéed green & red bell peppers along with red onion, shredded Pepper jack cheese topped with Chipotle Ranch dressing.\n
The Full MonteA Monte Cristo dumpling filled with diced Black Forest ham, Roasted turkey and shredded Fontina cheese topped with Super Fruit sauce.\n
The BoomerA Portabella dumpling filled with seasoned and roasted Portabella mushroom, roasted red pepper and shredded Fontina cheese topped with a fine Balsamic Glaze.\n
Get him to the Greek!Slowly roasted and seasoned gyro-meat mixed with sautéed garlic and onions. Topped with a refreshing home-made Tzatziki sauce & garnished with fresh, crisp, shredded cucumber.\n

Sweet, Salty & Swinie BeansA side of apple-bacon reduction baked beans perfect for the sweet & salty lover in your life.\n
Cowboy’s LettuceAn Smoked BBQ-Ranch flavor fresh coleslaw mix.\n
9-Spiced ChipsHomemade Idaho potato chips tossed in a delicious 9-spice seasoning.

Vanilla Nutella S’moresA S’mores dumpling filled with a Marshmallow Fluff and Nutella mixture and Vanilla Wafer crumbs covered in Chocolate syrup, Powdered Sugar & Toasted Almonds.\n
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.