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The Lucky Bird

Sandwiches|Fries|Healthy Food|Fried Chicken
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Big BirdCrispy chicken, mustard slaw, cheddar, tomato, and brioche
Lucky TendersChicken tenders and honey mustard
Asian BasketCrispy chicken fingers, sweet and spicy asian sauce, honey mustard, scallions, and sweet potato waffle fries
Buffalo BlueCrispy chicken fingers, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, buttermilk dressing, scallions, and sweet potato fries
Crispy Chicken SliderCrispy chicken finger and remoulade on a potato bun
Lucky CobbSpinach, roasted chicken, cranberries, cotija, corn, pickled red onion, carrots, and champagne vinaigrette

Loaded Waffle FriesSweet potato fries, cotija, buttermilk dressing, scallions, and bacon
Sweet Potato Waffle FriesServed with honey mustard
Lucky SlawCabbage, scallions, and sweet mustard sauce
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.