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The Sno Ball Shack

The Sno Ball Shack

Savory|Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice|Vegetarian
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About The Sno Ball Shack

The Sno Ball Shack is bringing a little bit of snow to a place that's well accustomed to it: Denver, CO. But this isn't a blizzard, and it's not threatening to snow you in. Instead, residents are getting out and hitting the pavement to treat themselves to an icy treat that's one of a kind. And Denver's never seen the likes of this shave ice truck.

That's because a sno ball isn't really shaved ice at all. This ice is so fine you'll think they collected it from a local ski resort. Then, they're adding a myriad of flavors in a rainbow of colors that's as nice to look at as it is to eat. The Sno Ball shack is committed to quality, melt in your mouth ice, serving up cups that are completely customizable with toppings such as a creamy sno cap, marshmallow fluff, chocolate syrup, coconut flakes, even a scoop of their premium ice cream in case you wanted to add more ice to So don't wait. Find The Sno Ball Shack in the mile high city and treat yo self. You deserve it.


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