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Avocado ToastMashed avocado drizzled with honey, red pepper flakes, and fleur de sel. Served on fresh toasted Local Denver Bread Co. Artisanal Sourdough.\n(V)
Sweet Potato and Avocado TacosRoasted sweet potato, crispy avocado, mango jalapeño slaw, cotija cheese, and ancho pepper aioli\n(V)
Fusilli and Eggplant BallsLocal fusilli pasta, eggplant balls, scratch-made red sauce, local ricotta, fresh mozzarella, and pecorino romano
Mozzarella SticksScratch-made mozzarella sticks with spicy marinara
Falafel WrapScratch made Falafel, Hummus, House pickles, Tehina sauce, Harissa, shaved mint. Served in Pita.
Macaroni & Cheesescratch made cheese sauce with local Colorado cheeses, fusilli pasta, roasted vegetables, herbed panko breadcrumbs
Gourmet Grilled Cheeselocal cheese blend, pesto, pickled bell peppers, cornichons, grain mustard\n\nserved on Denver Bread Co. hearth baked bread
Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers (Vegan)scratch made seasoned black bean and quinoa burgers, served with gruyere cheese, bibb lettuce, local tomato, house pickles, and burger sauce.
Pulled Jackfruit BBQ Sandwich - V\npulled jackfruit and scratch made BBQ sauce, served on artisanal roll with coleslaw and\n\npickles
Sloppy Joes – V\nSmoky and Savory Vegan Sloppy Joes, made with lentils, bell peppers, assorted\n\nvegetables and spices. Served on Vegan Hamburger rolls.
Macaroni and Cheese\nscratch made local cheese sauce, fusilli pasta, roasted vegetables, herbed panko\n\nbreadcrumbs
Vegan Macaroni and Cheese\nScratch made vegan “cheese” sauce, fusilli pasta, roasted vegetables, herbed panko\n\nbreadcrumbs
Hummus Plate (Vegan)Entree portion of Scratch made Israeli style hummus, garnished with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, smoked paprika, and parsley. Served with warm pita bread.
Falafel Pita (Vegan)Scratch made falafel, hummus, house pickles, tomato, red onion, French Fries (in sandwich), tehina sauce, harissa, parsley. Served in warm pita bread.
Falafel Plate (Vegan)(GF)Scratch made Falafel, tehina sauce, house pickles.
Greek Falafel PitaScratch made falafel, hummus, feta cheese, dill yogurt tzatziki, house pickles, tomato, red onion, parsley. Served in warm pita bread.
Cheesy Scrambled Eggs (GF)Local cage free eggs, scrambled with cheese of your choice. We recommend a local Sharp Cheddar cheese made by our partner dairy farms in Southwest Colorado.
Blueberry PancakesScratch made fluffy Blueberry Pancakes served with warm maple syrup. Gluten Free Option
Skillet Potatoes (GF)Crispy potatoes roasted to perfection. Seasoned with our savory breakfast potato seasoning, and garnished with fresh herbs. A classic breakfast potato dish, elevated.
Hummus, Falafel, Pickles, and PitaSnack size portion of Scratch made Hummus, a few Falafel balls, house made pickles, and warm pita bread. Option for sliced carrots and cucumber for dipping.
Hummus with Roasted Red BeetsScratch made hummus, topped with Roasted Red Beets dressed with tehina sauce, and garnished with Urfa pepper and dill. Served with warm pita bread
Hummus wiht Avocado and Peanut HarissaScratch made hummus, topped with ripe Avocado and scratch made peanut harissa. Served with warm pita bread.
Hummus with Brussels SproutsScratch made hummus, topped with crispy Brussels Sprouts, garnished with tehina sauce, harissa, Za'atar and fresh herbs. Served with warm pita bread.

Israeli FriesCrispy french fries, dusted with Middle Eastern Shawarma Spice, served atop a bed of hummus, topped with tehina sauce, harissa, and parsley.
Greek FriesCrispy French Fries topped with scratch made Tzatziki sauce, tomato, red onion, Feta cheese, and parsley.
Falafel SaladSalad with scratch made Falafel, local crisp lettuces, carrots, cucumber, red onion, tomato, and fresh herbs. Garnished with za'atar, sumac, lemon vinaigrette, tehina sauce, and sunflower kernels.
Shawarma Spice Fries (Vegan)(GF)Basket of Crispy French Fries, dusted with Middle Eastern Shawarma Spices, served with house made Harissa Ketchup.\n
Israeli Saladtomato, cucumber, parsley, lemon vinaigrette
House PicklesPickled Vegetables is flavorful Tumeric pickling brine. Cauliflower, Carrot, and Celery. Perfect accompaniment to Hummus and Falafel
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes – Vegan option\nYukon Gold mashed potatoes, with roasted garlic and chives
Baked Beans - V\ntraditional American baked beans made from scratch
Potato Salad – VeganRed Potato Salad, with onion, celery, and Dijon dressing
Onion Rings – Vegan\nScratch made panko crusted Onion Rings, served with scratch made ketchup and\n\nRanch dipping sauce
Tehina Sauce (Vegan)(GF)Classic condiment in the Middle East. Tahina (sesame seed), blended with lemon juice and garlic. Gives a delicious tangy rich flavor to any food.
French Fries (Vegan)(GF)Basket of Crispy French Fries, served with Ketchup
Truffle Fries Basket of Crispy French Fries, garnished with imported Pecorino Romano Cheese, white truffle oil, and parsley.
Hummus with Red BeetsScratch made Hummus with roasted Red Beets, garnished with Tehina sauce, Urfa pepper, and dill. Served with warm pita bread

Tahini ShakeScratch made Vegan Tahini Shake, topped with Vegan whipped cream, & sesame seed crumble. Contains Almonds.

Tahina MilkshakeVegan milkshake with tahina, turkish coffee or chocolate flavors\n(V) (GF). Topped with Vegan whip and sesame seed crumble\n\n
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.