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Grilled Turkish Adana KebabChar-grilled ground lamb and beef seasoned with Turkish spices and served in wrap or on plate with rice, salad, and sigara boregi (feta cheese and parsley wrapped in dough and fried).
Chicken Shish Kebab SkewersGrilled yogurt-marinated chicken breast cubes served in a wrap or with salad and rice, and sigara borek (feta cheese and parsley wrapped in dough and fried).

White bean salad-PiyazWhite beans mixed with fresh chopped vegetables, olive oil, lemon juice and spices
Sigara BorekTurkish cigar shaped savory pastry made with feta cheese, parsley and wrapped in phyllo dough.
KisirDelicious Turkish bulgur salad with tomato,scallions, parsley and spices.
Shepard salad with chopped greens

Baklava with pistachio.Imported Turkish baklava with pistachios

Soda/bottle water
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.