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Vivian's Catering Food Truck

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About Vivian's Catering Food Truck

Starting your own business is always a risk, but especially so when you’re a single mother with kids to support. This was the case for Vivian when she decided to get into the food truck game. Her passion outweighed any hesitance, and that tenacity led to Vivian’s Catering Food Truck. Folks across Denver, CO are lucky Vivian had the guts to take a leap of faith. The eats here are a testament to that.

Focusing on all things Mexican food, you’ll find a bounty of tacos and tortas here. Seasoned with Vivian’s signature blend of bold spices, these dishes are all there is to love about Mexican cuisine. In addition to street food staples, Vivian whips up traditional dishes less commonly served out the window of a food truck. You can, for example, sample some menudo and enjoy some tender slices of beef simmering in a spicy broth. If all this sounds delicious, imagine how good it’ll taste. Hit up Vivian’s Catering Food Truck to give these eats a try yourself. Better idea? Book ‘em for your next event. It’s a surefire crowd-pleaser that’ll leave guests licking their lips.


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