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About Bhojanic

Archna Malhorta Becker and her parents are here to share their heritage with Atlanta, GA by whipping up a bounty of Atlanta North India Cuisine (ANIC) at Bhojanic. You can catch ‘em in the streets or at catering events across the city, and honestly? You probably won’t be able to resist the allure of these eats the second you catch the scent of this truck. Every dish is packed with that mix of fragrant spices that grant Indian cuisine its characteristically bold flavor.

The menu sports the type of eats you’d find at any sit-down restaurant, but you can nab it without the hassle of a long wait. Start off with a crispy samosa jam-packed with well-seasoned veggies served up with a mint and tamarind chutney. Go for some chicken wings slathered in a full-bodied tandoori sauce. Or have some chicken tikka masala served over a bed of plump basmati rice. Try any number of curries, kathi rolls, tandoori naans, and tapas. Don’t forget a mango lassi for your sweet tooth. If this sounds delicious, guess what? If you book Bhojanic to cater, there are loads of other specialty items they can whip up on request. So, don’t hesitate to have ‘em out at your next event. These eats are the antithesis of bland, so it’s a decision that’ll leave the avid eaters among your attendees thanking you.


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