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Five Finger Philly

Five Finger Philly

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About Five Finger Philly

Five Finger Philly is giving all five fingers something to hold onto. Or ten, as the case may be. As one of the oldest food trucks in Atlanta, they've gained a loyal following of foodie fans, becoming one of the most popular, too. That's because Five Finger Philly's giving Atlanta, GA the most generous of cheesesteaks around, in hearty portions sure to curb your hunger on the curb.

Just what sets Five Finger Philly's cheesesteaks apart from the rest? Well, they're loading up that hot-off-the-grill meat onto genuine Amoroso rolls, imported from Philly for your enjoyment. And enjoy them, you will. Get the classic Philly loaded with thinly sliced ribeye steak, or get their chicken variety for that authentic flavor that can't be beat. But Five Finger Philly's ups the ante as far as cheesesteaks go, offering pizza cheesesteaks, veggie cheesesteaks, and even a mix of steak and chicken to appease your inner carnivorous cravings. Drool worthy? Absolutely. Find the best that Atlanta has to offer at Five Finger Philly's, or have 'em out to cater your next event. Trust us. These cheesesteaks can't be beat.


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