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About Lil Bites Food Truck

Husband and wife team Larry and Emily are a food-loving pair, but their loyalties lie with different regions. Larry hales from Philadelphia while Emily was born and raised in Georgia. When the pair went into business together, they decided to combine flavors from their hometown cuisines and offer up a bounty of all-American bites at Lil Bites Food Truck. Hungry residents of Atlanta, GA can enjoy flavors inspired by both the Peach State and the City of Brotherly Love here. The 2019 winner of Atlanta Best Self Magazine's Best Food Truck in Atlanta award, rest assured this cuisine is good.

Naturally, you’ll find all things philly cheesesteak here. Whether you fancy the traditional hand-cut steaks plus cheese whiz and grilled onions on an Amoroso roll or prefer to toss some provolone and chicken into the mix, you're covered. If you’re looking for some Georgia-inspired fare, there’s the Southern favorite that is deep-fried okra. Speaking of deep-fried, the Peach State carnival fave that is the deep-fried Oreo also graces the dessert menu. Plus, there’s a whole host of specialty items available for catering only. A brisket quesadilla anyone? What about some fried goat cheese served up alongside roasted red pepper jam? If you want access to these goodies, book Lil Bites Food Truck for your next event. Guests will thank you for this eclectic mashup of classic American flavors.



Authentic Philly CheesesteakHand cut steak with cheese and onions on an Amoroso roll
Chicken PhillyHand cut chicken with provolone, served on a Amoroso roll
Freedom FriesCrispy fries covered in bleu cheese or ranch, green onions, bacon, and a splash of wing sauce
Popcorn Chicken and Fries
Buffalo Chicken EmpanadasA Buffalo chicken empanada, served with ranch or spicy ranch dressing
Pulled Pork SandwichSlow cooked pulled pork, onions, and pickles, topped with sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
Chili DogA hot dog topped with Texas-style chili, cheese, and chopped onions
Sloppy Joe SlidersSloppy Joe sliders served on toasted buns
Cheese Quesadilla and Fries (Kids)
Hot Dog and Fries (Kids)
Pizza SteakAn authentic Philly Cheesesteak with homemade marinara

Hot Soft PretzelServed with homemade beer cheese for dipping
Fried OkraServed with ranch or spicy ranch
Cucumber & Tomato SaladA classic cucumber, tomato, and onion salad with a light vinaigrette
French FriesHot and crispy fries
Boiled Peanuts
FricklesDeep fried pickle chips served with ranch or spicy ranch
Garlic KnotsCovered in garlic butter and parmesan cheese. Served with marinara sauce

Deep-Fried OreosDeep-fried Oreos sprinkled with powdered sugar
ChurrosHot churros sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce

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