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About Meta Sate

Meta Sate is an unorthodox food truck, but we mean that in the best way. It's hard enough to find authentic Indonesian cuisine, let alone in a place like Bozeman, Montana, and even more so out of a food truck. But Meta Sate is the tasty exception to the rule, giving foodies all the exotic flavor and hearty meals they can muster.

At Meta Sate, you're being treated to Indonesian cuisine on a whole new level of delicious, from recipes passed down over generations of talented cooks. From their signature chicken satay grilled to perfection with homemade dipping sauce to their specialty mie ayam featuring seasoned yellow noodles and marinated diced chicken, they're out to tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy your hunger in one fell swoop. But that's not all. They're also currying to your favor with their hand crafted curries, including chicken and quail eggs in white coconut curry and lamb and potatoes in spicy coconut curry. What we're saying is, you've got options, and Meta Sate is available to deliver. Literally. Book 'em to get all that goodness at your next event, or find 'em cruising the streets. Either way, this is one foodie experience you don't wanna miss.

Lontong Sayur - their original recipe coconut curry is host to young jackfruit, tender shrimp morsels and fresh veggies, served with rice cakes for a meal that satisfies on all fronts


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