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Aunt Shirley's Food Truck

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About Aunt Shirley's Food Truck

The Peters family has formed a legacy within the culinary industry that has lasted several generations and continues on to this day. Aunt Shirley’s parents, Joe and Thelma Peters, owned and operated the Cozy Corner Restaurant for 25 years, feeding many folks and families within the Dallas, TX community. After working thousands of days and nights in the family restaurant, Aunt Shirley developed a passion for cooking, but also grew a strong appetite for the chance to create new and exciting food on her own.

Aunt Shirley had a clear vision and she worked hard to launch an exciting new line of food products using a whole lotta sweet potatoes. Her most popular line of mixes included sweet potato waffles, sweet potato brownies, sweet potato pound cake and sweet potato pie. The name of this line? Aunt Shirley’s, of course. After many successful years, she grew tired of the gourmet world, and decided to team up with her son to join in the food truck frenzy. Now they cruise the Dallas streets to serve chicken & waffles, catfish & waffles, waffle sandwiches, waffle burgers, and simply sweet waffles, using her signature gourmet recipes, sweet potato base, and the finest quality ingredients.

Dallas locals flock to Aunt Shirley’s everywhere it roams for a taste of her sensationally soulful specialties. The Texas State Fair, Taste of Dallas, Bix Texas Beer Festival, etc... Aunt Shirley and her son have fed crowds by the thousands, leaving each and every customer beyond satisfied by their other divine offerings. If you’re looking for good cookin’ for your next event, we strongly suggest that you book Aunt Shirley’s. This family-run operation is as sweet and smooth as sweet potato pie and Aunt Shirley can’t wait to make your event a special occasion with their customizable catering services. These are fun times and flavors that you’ll never forget!

The Chickeandee —



Chicken & WafflesGolden fried white meat chicken tenderloins & waffles
Chicken & FriesGolden fried white meat chicken tenderloins & fries
The ChickeandeeGolden fried chicken tenderloins, house pickled cucumber, cucumber ranch sauce on sweet potato waffles
Ms. Piggy BLTCrispy, thick, brown sugar-glazed bacon, spring mix, vine-grown tomatoes with bacon aioli on bacon waffles
The Pitts-BirdSeasoned grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, garden greens, house pickled onions, cucumber ranch sauce, on sweet potato waffles
The Pig PennSlow braised pulled pork, house BBQ sauce, sweet and sour Italian slaw, on bacon waffles
Ta Farmer's Hen HouseHouse-made chicken salad with chicken breast, chopped eggs, sweet pickles, celery chunks, red onions, leafy greens, tomatoes with mayo on sweet potato waffles
Breakfast Chicken & Waffles Served with bacon and scrambled eggs

ColeslawFinely shredded raw cabbage and carrots with a mayonnaise vinaigrette dressing creating a smooth creamy coleslaw
Mac & Cheese House made pasta with a delicious blend of cheese in a cream sauce, bacon pieces and a pinch of our special spice for a gooey treat
Bar-B-Q BeansRanch-style beans simmered with brown sugar, molasses, and other quality ingredients to create a home-style flavor of delicious beans

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