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The Baked Bear

Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches from The Baked Bear

STEP 1 - CHOOSE YOUR TOP & BOTTOM! Mix & Match Any Cookie -Chocolate Chip - Funfetti - Gooey Butter Cake - Nutella Chocolate Chunk - Snickerdoodle STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR ICE CREAM! Blackberry Crumble - Dark Chocolate-Cookie Dough - Cookies and Cream - Old Fashioned Vanilla - Toasted Smores ASK TO GET IT HOT PRESSED!
The Baked Bear

Hot Fudge Sundae from The Baked Bear

Choose your cookie, choose your ice cream. Sundae comes topped with whipped cream and hot fudge drizzle!
Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Sweetie's Cheesecakes - Chocolate from Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Sweetie's Chocolate cheesecake is nearly a perfect chocolate combination. We are using a premium Bensdorp cocoa powder in our cheesecake filling as well as in our crust, all topped with a luscious Callebaut chocolate ganache. Chocolate heaven.
Frios Gourmet Pops- Fort Worth

Ice Cream & Fresh Fruit Pops from Frios Gourmet Pops- Fort Worth

Best tasting 'POP' you will ever had! Our pops are made with real fruit or real real cream weekly. We have over 40 signature & seasonal flavors that will please any foodies palette.
Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Sweetie's Cheesecakes - Signature from Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Here is the cheesecake that started it all. Wanting more from a plain cheesecake, we added just a little bit of lemon and orange zest to the filling to excite your palate. Our Signature cheesecake is topped with a sweet sour cream topping to give it a luxurious and decadent appeal.
Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Sweetie's Cheesecakes - Plain from Sweetie's Cheesecakes

Sweetie's Plain cheesecake is anything but plain. Our recipe for our plain goes back to the very beginning in the late 80's when Michael began making cheesecake. A sweet buttery crust awaits you at the bottom of the jar.