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Cheat Day Cheesecakes


About Cheat Day Cheesecakes

Cheat Day Cheesecakes believes that everyone deserves to have a cheat day every once in awhile. Or as often as you want. Honestly, we're gonna choose the latter, because this is a food truck that's put gourmet cheesecakes on board, in all original flavors to tantalize your tastebuds.

And you're only getting it in Dallas and beyond. If you happen to be there, lucky you. Cheat Day Cheesecakes has a myriad of ways to treat your sweet tooth sweetly, all centered around that irresistibly delicious dessert. The best part? Each cheesecake is put in a jar, making it all the easier to eat on the go. From classic strawberry cheesecake to cinnamon toast crunch, pina colada, lemon meringue, nutter butter and chocolate chip, you're sure to find something to satisfy your cravings here. But that's not all. Cheat Day Cheesecakes also has the creamiest of creme brulee, with that perfect crisp caramelized sugar top. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Find Cheat Day Cheesecakes in Dallas, then, or have 'em out to cater your next event. Either way, you're sure to find some sweet satisfaction here.

Chocolate Cheesecake — The richest of flavors features an Oreo crust topped with dark chocolate ganache infused cheesecake. Can you say yum?


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