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Chef Cassy's Creations

Chef Cassy's Creations

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About Chef Cassy's Creations

Chef Cassy's dedicated her career to innovative but classic Southern eats, all done up in soulful, savory hues that make you taste them all as if it's for the first time. A blend of creole flair and southern grit make for a menu that's big on technique and tradition and even bigger on taste, and it's making fans at every stop in Dallas.

From wings to fried collard greens wonton pockets to alligator poppers, Cassy's Creations has personality to spare, and flavor to burn, and your mouth gets hit with both every time you chow down. Track down Chef Cassy wherever she roams in Texas, or book her to cater the next time your party needs to be taken up a few notches. In her capable hands, a solid event turns into a soulful one instantly, and it's not likely to be forgotten any time soon.

Honey Pecan Glazed Wings - sweet, savory, and absolutely amazing 



Bacon Roll UpsMade w/cream cheese, onions, chives and wheat bread
Rice and Beans
FriesSeasoned French fries

Fried Green Wonton PocketsStuffed w/ collard greens, cream cheese, and ham
Baked Potato, Potato Salad Bowl Bites
Chicken Wings
Spinach Artichoke Bread Bowl
Meatballs w/ Chipotle Sauce
Fish Bites w/Romesco Sauce
Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Cream Cheese
Tangerine Tequila Lime Shrimp Kabob
Spanish Style Garlic Shrimp
Cheese and Herb Breadsticks
Shrimp Tartlets
One Bite Cheeseburgers
Manchego Cheese Croquettes
Chicken Quesadillas
Spinach Artichoke Party Cups
Specialty Coffee Menu

Brisket SandwichSlowly smoked, tender and perfectly seasoned brisket sliced or chopped and placed on heated bun.
Fried Catfish FilletsSeasoned perfectly catfish, that's battered and fried to a golden brown. Served with or without fries.
TacosChoice of protein with all of the fixings including lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa
Grilled Chicken SandwichMarinated chicken breast, grilled to perfection over open flame
Cheeseburger 100% beef patty covered with cheese, served on a warm bun with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Could be served with bacon or topped with an egg.

Public Schedule

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