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Chic On A Stik

Chic On A Stik

Fries|Wings|Fried Chicken
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About Chic On A Stik

Chic On A Stik is givin' you a whole new foodie experience that'll really stick. In your mind, and to your ribs, that is. It's a food truck that's slingin' the best chicken on the streets of Dallas, keepin' to big time Texan tradition: everything is bigger and better here.

And on a stick. It's in the namesake, after all, and you're getting the biggest and best deep fried whole wings on a stick to sink your teeth into. Choose how many you'd like and choose your sauce: Chic On A Stik's got a variety of homemade rubs that make 'em all the more flavorful for it. But that's not all. Chic On A Stik also has hand cut fresh french fries in lemon pepper and cajun seasoning, along with a big ol' Polish sausage sandwich. On a stick. You get the gist. Find Chic On A Stik to get you some, or have 'em bring some to your next event. Trust us. They won't disappoint.

Hot Wings - these crispy deep fried wings bring just the right amount of heat to tantalize your tastebuds


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